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Realize worldwide asset securitization

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Integration of industry and finance, open the golden gate to the future.

Mr John Aokes Speech

We live in this era, which has the transition from the old to the new, and has the rapid development. So the Internet finance is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge. It is not easy for traditional industries to continue to gain the original wealth growth, and asset securitization is already ready for future financial trends.

Anglo Capital has a leading team which can have highly efficient asset securitization solutions for global businesses and individuals. Since its establishment, it has cooperated with 70 countries and 800 companies around the world to solve exactly enterprise bottlenecks and cost issues.

Global asset securitization is a trend, and Anglo Capital play a role of missionary, Through professional asset securitization operations, break bottlenecks of the industry crisis and industry, and open the golden door which enter to the future.

Why us?

  • Entity

    Anglo Capital Group integrated business entities in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States industrial entities, business entities in developing countries, to support the development of the industry from the perspective of partners and efforts

  • Major

    Anglo Capital Group has a leading financial analyst operations team

  • Profit

    Anglo Capital Group through asset securitization, for ordinary people to bring immeasurable benefits for enterprises to effectively solve the bottleneck and cost issues